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Screen Printing



$40 Setup per screen (colour)

$60 Setup

No setup

Set Ups

Set ups are an important part of the decoration process. With screen printing most of the work is in set ups. We have to separate the image, print the film for the screens, coat and burn screens, make the inks for the specific colors of the image and sort the shirts. On top of that, we then have to set up the job on the press and make sure everything looks perfect. DTG is a more digital process, so you can avoid these fees if you decide on that process.


Reduce set up fees by limiting print colours and locations.


When it comes to decorating apparel, the artwork you want to print, can sometimes determine the best process to use.  

Fewer  print colours, simpler artwork. More cost effective for multiple location printing. and larger runs.

Simple artwork, maximum of 10 thread colours. More expensive but a higher preceived value.

Multi-coloured, more complex artwork that contains colourful effects  or photo realistic elements.







Turnaround Time

Turnaround time can effect which printing process you choose. Looking for a quick turnaround, DTG might be the best option for you.  Turnaround time is based on work load and can vary.  RUSH SERVICES AVAILABLE.

Order Minimums

Keep in mind order minimums when choosing a decoration process. If you are looking for just a few shirts as a gift, try DTG, if you are looking to outfit your small team, try embroidery. For larger runs, screen prining would be most cost effective.




Cotton or cotton blends result in the best screen print. However, special inks can be used on polyeter shirts to help with ink fastness.

Most materials work for embroidery but thicker materials like jackets, hats, and hoodies are best.

The best material for DTG is 100% cotton. Other materials may effect colour fastness and vibrancy.


Garment material plays a key role in how your print will turn out, and which process is best.

Colour Matching

We always try to be exact, but If precise colour matching is important to you or your company identity, the best decoration process would be screen printing.  With screen printing, we can match any Pantone number provided.

Accurate Pantone matching

Closest thread match

Close, but not always exact

Price Breaks

Knowing the price breaks for each decoration process can help you save money. If you are close to a price break, bump up your order to save on decoration costs. . 

12, 25, 50, 100

6, 12, 25, 60, 100

6, 12, 36, 60, 100

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